Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Etiquette: Gifts, Parties, etc. Quiz for Good Day

Holiday Etiquette Quiz


Rebecca Black of Etiquette Now! Quizzes Cody Stark & Lori Wallace of Good Day Sacramento

As an etiquette specialist, I receive many etiquette questions throughout the year.  Most, however, are around the holidays.  Gift giving and attire questions are the most asked questions.  Of those, most attire questions concern the ever-ambiguous business holiday party.  Is it a party or is it business?  Scary stuff. 

Since so many have the same questions this time of year, it seemed news worthy, so I appeared for a segment at a local television network, KMAX channel 31 for the Good Day Sacramento show.  We made the segment even more fun with a quiz.  Let’s see if you can answer these questions correctly as well.   

1) May I regift the ugly sweater? 

Your great aunt gave you a sweater she purchased from Italy—one of a kind.  It looks like a dog sweater to you.  Can you regift it?   

Yes, No, Maybe? 

The Answer 

No.  One, your aunt would want to see you in it.  She thought enough of you to shop for you instead of using that money to purchase more gelato.  Two, it is unique and there is a chance your aunt could see it on the recipient.   

2) Going out, but no “L” words spoken.  Holiday gift? 

You’ve been going out with a man you find to be “The One” for two months.  He hasn’t used the “L” word yet.  Do you give him a holiday gift or not? 

Yes, No, Maybe? 

The Answer 

Yes, with a caveat.  If you wish to give a gift, give him something generic—not tied to romance and not too expensive.  Perhaps a DVD of a movie you both enjoyed—not a romantic chic flick.

3) Potluck for the holiday dinner party? 

You want to get to know the new neighbors, so you host a holiday dinner party.  Will this be a potluck? 

Yes, No, Maybe? 

The Answer 

No!  You are the host so you provide everything.  If you frequently host neighborhood gatherings, that would be different, as this is more of a gathering of neighbors—they’d expect to contribute. 
4) Decisions, holiday party attire multiple choice. 

You’ve been invited to a business holiday party. 

A)     Do you wear the short red dress that accents your ...everything?
B)     The leather outfit you’ve always wanted to try? After all, it’s a party!
C)     The modest black dress paired with a jacket?  

The Answer 

(C) The dress with a jacket—it’s business!  It’s best to dress conservatively for the business holiday party.  Would you really want your colleagues to be focusing your legs and not your brain?  

5) Here’s one for the road multiple choice. 

How much do you drink at this party?

A)     It doesn’t matter
B)     Don’t drink at all
C)     One drink maximum   

The Answer 

(C) It’s best to keep it to one alcoholic drink if any.  Stick to the non-alcohol choices as much as possible.