Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eye Spy: RAK at Macy's

A Day in Macy's

This was an interesting day. 

I detest shopping, but had no choice.  I needed slacks and had put it off too long.  So, here I am on sensory over-load with too many choices and finding nothing that fits right.  Why are all the waistlines of slacks hitting the hips these days?  Most of we older... mature women would prefer slacks that don't emphasize the hip line. So, after trying on at least six pairs of slacks and my poor husband smiling and saying for the tenth time, "You look great sweetie", I decided that we needed professional help.  

I figured that it wouldn't be easy to find someone to stop what he/she was doing to come and help me find slacks that would fit.  This is a good attitude to have when shopping.  There seems to be plenty of salespeople to ring up our purchases, but so few to help us choose them.  I had a surprise coming.  

The first check stand we walked up to was busy--very busy.  But, this one young lady looked over and saw the desperate look on my face and took pity.  Not only did she call for someone to take over for her, but she walked us over to the section of the store where I found plenty of perfect slacks.  She waited until someone from that section of the store could help us.  As it turned out, I had two women walking around pulling slacks from the racks just for me.  

Yes, it was an interesting day.  Although I detest shopping I had a wonderful time, due to the very nice people I found that day at Macy's.  Oh!  I bought a very complimentary pair of slacks too.  

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