Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eye Spy: RAK at Starbucks

A Starbucks Memory

On a recent visit to a Starbucks, and as many of you know, I love Starbucks, my husband and I received more than the best mochas around. 

It was raining like sheets of water were falling from the sky.  Just walking from the car, which wasn't far from the door of Starbucks, was a drenching experience. 

There was a young attractive couple, probably in their early twenties, walking in front of us.  He opens the door for his lady (good move) and even though we were several steps behind them, he holds the door for us.  He was getting soaked, but stood there holding the door.

We quickly stepped inside stood next to his lady and thanked this wonderful example of a gentleman.   We waited for them to walk in front of us and I even motioned that they should go before us, but they wouldn't have it.   They both smiled and shook their heads telling us to go first. 

For a society that seems to have a 'me first' attitude, this is very encouraging.  Plus, how many times have you heard that this younger generation has no manners?  Many times, I'm sure.  This example just proves that we are parents haven't done too bad. 
Please share with us your "I Spy" events. We would love to publish them for all to share.

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