Thursday, February 5, 2015

RAK in Davis

Kenny Gives to a Homeless Man



While enjoying my coffee and croissant at a local grocery store,  a young man named Kenneth surprised me with his self-less act of kindness.  I see him quite often, but he is the type of person who flies under the radar, not drawing attention to himself.  All the while, Kenneth briskly does a great job and makes others happy through his kindness. One such example is what follows.  

On Memorial Day, Kenny found a homeless man outside the store rifling through the garbage for breakfast.  Instead of walking away as most do, he welcomed the older man into the store.  He asked him to wait while he retrieved his wallet.  I watched from afar as Kenny showed the man how to get his coffee and breakfast.  The man stood taller than before obviously proud that he could purchase his meal.  It was a very pleasant sight to see.

Because of my profession, I challenge others to commit RAKs (random acts of kindnesses) through social media every day.  Kenny doesn't need challenging or prodding.  It is part of who he is.  He illustrated this fully to me when I asked him about his kind deed.   

Embarrassed, he told me how he came upon the man.  When I mentioned that it was kind and exceptional, he didn't view it as such.  It's just who he is.  

Bravo for hiring the very best people.  Thank you, Kenny, for providing such a positive role model for all who witnessed your exceptional RAK.