Friday, February 12, 2016

Holiday Etiquette: Rules for Men on Valentine's Day

How to Avoid Sleeping in the Dog House on Valentine's Day

Survival Guide for Men

Let's face it.  Valentine's Day is a perilous day for men.  She is optimistic with high expectations and you cannot get it right.  Sigh.  It's just not fair for the masculine among us.   Valentine's Day should be more about hearts and flowers and less about pouting and trepidations.   Therefore, I have created a short tutorial on women that just may help you stay out of the doghouse and wow the woman in your life this February 14. 

Understanding the Double X

There is a reason women tend to prefer "Chic Flicks".  It is all about romance.  Women like to feel special and loved.   Consequently, give her romance, as it beats out just about anything else you can give your ladylove.   Appeal to this side of her and your evening will involve more than just a peck on the check.  Watch a few of her favorite girly films to gain perspective of what she might appreciate.  Perhaps watch one together after a meal you have prepared.  She'll love it!

The one ultimate, not-to-break rule is that your gesture or gift be thoughtful.  Learn what she likes and do it.  It does not necessarily require cash, but it does require thoughtfulness. 

Romantic Ideas:

  • Surprise her with her favorite beverage, perhaps a nice sparkling wine. 

  • Cook her favorite meal pairing it with her favorite beverage.

  • Write a poem for her using significant events from your love story as material. 
Women can be like magpies.

Typically, women like shiny things, like jewelry and sparkling wine.  Of course, throwing in a few pieces of dark chocolate may seal the deal.  Both the sparkling wine and chocolate are relatively inexpensive.  However, jewelry can be expensive, so check out local thrift stores and estate sales.  Don't laugh.  There are some great finds when one looks.  Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry implies that you wanted to find something truly unique, something that suits her. Just make sure it is something you know she will love.

Women hint, so put your listening-ears on!

Women tend to hint rather than directly state what they want.   Most often, when women want something they do not actually need, they will say something along the lines of, "Wow, these earrings are half price this weekend!"  Avoid the temptation to reply with, "Why do you need another pair of earrings when you already have 50 other pairs," as this will definitely earn you the look and a heavy sigh.  Instead,   try smiling and changing the subject.  File the information in short-term storage and secretly purchase those half-off earrings.  Pair this with chocolate and -- again -- you have a winning hand. 

Important dos and don'ts for the special evening 

  • While it is not imperative to act on all of these suggestions, attempt at least one. 

  • Do listen and follow through

  • Do remember to be thoughtful

  • Do something special just for her

  • Do include chocolate and something sparkly

  • Do not forget that it is Valentine's Day

  • Do not invite your friends to watch sports at your house that night

  • Do not give just a purchased generic card -- it's thoughtless

  • Do not give her lingerie unless she likes wearing it.  It usually appears to be a gift more for you rather than for her.

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