Thursday, September 22, 2016

Relationship Advice: Poll of 13 to 85 year-olds

What do those 13 to 85 really want in The Best Date Ever?

1. Would you rather go on an old-fashion date or one of no gender expectations? 

A)    Yes

B)    No, I can open my own car door

C)    It doesn’t matter

Over 85% of all interviewed appeared to prefer old fashion dating manners. 

Most men stated that they want to provide a memorial evening including all the old fashion manners mentioned. 

20-30-year-old age group really want to know old-fashion manners rules.

2.  Is it appropriate for the woman to ask the man out for a date?

A)    No

B)    Yes

C)    It’s best if the man asks, but it’s alright if she does 


Both genders feel it’s best for the man to ask.

Most consider the restaurant date the most appropriate for the first date. 

3.  Should the man be expected to pick up the tab?

A)    Yes

B)    No

C)    Men pay for the first three dates 


If he wants a second date, he’d better pick up the first.
Many business and scholarly women vehemently disagreed--we can pay their own way.  Treat me well, but on an equal level.  Most declared that their memorable dates paid the tab though. 

4.  Kiss, shake hands...on First Date  

A)    Kiss

B)    Shake hands

C)    Hold the heavy breathing for later—sweet kisses are fine 


A not-too passionate kiss might be best.  Yes, it's fine to kiss on the first date.  The handshake would be fine as well, especially if this is the only date.   

Amazingly, most of those interviewed agreed.  This wasn't what I expected, especially from the 20-30 age group. 

Your thoughts?

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