Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holiday Tipping--Today Show & KCRA Interviews

Holiday Tipping 

All tipping is optional and subjective, yet in certain parts of the United States, tipping is almost mandatory. Take New York for example.  Not tipping a building super might lead to slow response times just when you need that leak fixed now.  Here on the West Coast, we are a bit more relaxed.  What follows is merely a guideline.   

Note: Before tipping to those working for an agency or organization, however, check their gift giving policy.  And, make a list of those you wish to tip and consider your budget. 

Those Who Provide us a Service Regularly

One session’s fee is usually appropriate. If you pay $20 a week to your gardener, an appropriate tip would be $20.   For those whom you see more often or give great service, such as a hair stylist, feel free to tip more.   

  • Gardener
  • Hair stylist/manicurist/barber
  • Baby sitter (after work)
  • Pool cleaner
  • Pet groomer
  • House cleaners (if it is a group, the tip could be a big box of candy or something to share)  
Employees in the Home

These special people typically receive one to two weeks’ extra pay depending on how long they have worked for you and how many days a week they work.  

  • Caretakers
  • Nannies
Doorman or Building Supervisor 

This person is in a class by herself.  She/he provides a very special service and your comfort is in her hands.  Ask some of the other residents what they give and perhaps all could give a joint gift so there is no competition or comparison.  Could be anywhere from $30 to $200. 

Newspaper Delivery Person 

Could be $10-$20 depending on the service you receive.  

Note: Tips do not have to be cash.  Gift certificates to a restaurant or theater tickets are wonderful gifts.  Be perceptive and thoughtful when giving a tip or gift in lieu of a cash tip. Notice the person’s preferences.  

If you choose to give cash, present crisp bills in a card.   

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