Friday, December 16, 2016

RSVP Etiquette; EventBrite Services

RSVP Nightmares

You’ve planned the perfect party for 35 people—all close friends.  They can always count on, as they are at your side when you need them.  So of course, you are sure they will attend even though your mailbox is void of any RSVPs.  Nevertheless, with 10 pounds of shrimp on ice and four pounds of cheese—not even counting various other appetizers—you begin to worry, especially on the day of the event.
Karen and her unexpected guests.
Alternately, here’s a real story that was recently shared with me.  Karen planned, what she considered, a formal holiday cocktail party.  She included in her invitations that this would be a semiformal affair, which to most people, means cocktail dresses and suits—or at least sport coats and slacks for men.  She also hired caterers.  Understandably, she needed guests to reply to her invitations promptly and accurately. 
To her surprise, over half of her guests didn’t reply and most arrived with an uninvited guest of their own.  As a good host, she planned for a few “extras” but didn’t expect an invasion.   Adding to her dismay, many of her guests arrived in jeans and treated her party as if it was a kegger. 
Unfortunately, this what many of us have experienced.  Honestly, it doesn’t have to be such a drama.  If only our guests would respond to our invitations as it was written.  Perhaps it is too troublesome to call or return a little response card.  Heck, these days it’s often as simple as texting, emailing or responding via a webpage.   What could be simpler or more well-mannered as informing a host if one is attending or not?  It’s pretty simple people.  And, if a guest doesn’t want to dress as requested or attend solo, that guest has a choice to respond to the invitation in the negative.  Simple.  So please, this holiday season and beyond, RSVP and be the GOOD GUEST!   
Some assistance please?
There are a few online web services who offer event planning assistance that can help us avoid this type of stress.  One in particular, Eventbrite, has created a graphic to help us navigate our duties as guests.   Check it out.  The event planning service is especially helpful as well.

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