Monday, January 30, 2017

Parenting: Graduation Party Quiz

Graduation Party Etiquette Quiz

Interview With an Etiquette Consultant

As an etiquette consultant, I receive countless etiquette questions.  Many of these questions are from anchors from our local television networks.  So, I’m frequently interviewed.  As is typical this time of year, these interviews concern graduation party etiquette. 

My most recent interview was more of a quiz, which made for a lively segment.  Of course, I would have loved to have begun by emphasizing what is most important—people are more important than gifts.  Many times grads – and their parents – place too much focus on gifts and not enough on their guests.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I only had time to quiz my favorite anchors. 

It was a very enjoyable segment and I was able to stump both anchors.  Read on to see if you do any better with your answers.

Question number one: For whom may I host a graduation party?

A.     Kindergarten, high school, and middle school graduation
B.     Only for traditional benchmark graduations, like high school and college 
C.     Only for high school grads

I bet you knew the correct answer to that question.  Most of us realize that graduation parties are most appropriate for those benchmark graduations.  Consequently, the answer is “B”.  Bravo to all those who answered correctly!

Question number two: As a parent of a graduate, how may I ask for cash or gift cards?

A.     List gift request on the invitation
B.     We never ask for cash or gift cards
C.     Ask a friend to spread the word about gift preferences

A graduation party isn’t necessarily a gift-giving event.  I realize that may seem a bit harsh, but it’s true.  Often those who aren’t very close to the grad, like neighbors, are invited to these events.  They shouldn’t feel obligated to give a gift.  They are attending, basically, to display their support of the graduate—to congratulate him or her.  Out of a feeling of obligation, close family typically do give gifts.  However, no one is obligated to give anything, besides his or her well wishes.  Thus, the correct answer is “B”. 

Question number three: Do parents have to invite all their child's friends?

A.     No
B.     Yes
C.     Only invite close friends

More than likely, all of the graduate’s friends will have parties as well.  So, there is no need to invite all of his or her friends to the party.  Invite whomever you wish.  The correct answer is “A”. 

Question number four: What should I give the grad—does it have to be cash?

A.     Give gifts that could help the graduate--No, cash isn’t necessary
B.     Cash is the only gift
C.     Give cash, but only in $50 increments

This one should be simple after reading the answer to number two.  However, some people do believe that cash is king, especially when the recipient is a graduate.  This just isn’t true.  A gift, if given should be thoughtful and something you truly think will help him or her.  That may or may not be cash—your choice.  Thus, the correct answer is “A”.

I hope all of you did well on my little quiz!  For those of you graduating, congratulations! 

What are your thoughts?

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