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For over two decades, Rebecca--The Polite One--and the team of Etiquette Now! has provided quality etiquette training for corporate, educational, government, and private clients. We consulted and evaluated what an individual or business needed to do to be successful, and would then present workshops custom tailored based on their needs.   

Throughout those many years, this had led our founder, Rebecca Black, to delve more into writing advice articles and books.  Her varied advice articles have been profiled in many print and web sources, such as the front pages of Yahoo and Yahoo Finance. 

Due to our constant work schedule for these last two decades—and the fact that we are getting older—we have finally decided to retire from our etiquette business to travel for pleasure rather than business.  One exception, however, is our occasional etiquette class for cruise lines.  For us, that is not work.  It’s all about having fun!   

On this blog, Rebecca will continue providing etiquette tips and advice.  We hope you will share yours as well. 

Good journeys, 

Rebecca Black 

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